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Criminal Defense Attorney New Orleans, Louisiana

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As a formal prosecutor and as an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Richard Kohnke has represented clients throughout the metro New Orleans area and the state of Louisiana.  During his twenty-five (25) years of legal practice and experience, Richard Kohnke has established relationships with criminal court judges and prosecutors not only in the New Orleans area, but through out the state of Louisiana.

When it comes to criminal cases, an experienced and well connected criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between a conviction and a prison sentence, as opposed to dismissed charges and freedom.  For quality hands-on criminal defense and first rate legal representation, contact the Law Office of Richard V. Kohnke and Associates on our toll free number at 1-800-891-4490 or (504) 899-6864.

Richard Kohnke is experienced and well-respected among New Orleans criminal defense attorneys and judges. 

Richard Kohnke is recognized by his peers and his clients as a tough, caring and ethical New Orleans criminal lawyer who fights for his clients’ rights, liberties and freedom.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or accused of a crime, it is essential that you hire a competent, effective and experienced defense attorney in New Orleans or anywhere in the State of Louisiana as soon as possible.

Richard Kohnke is a sole practitioner who will personally represent and communicate with his clients and their family.  Call toll free number at 1-800-891-4490 or (504) 899-6864 for a free consultation with Richard Kohnke or a member of his experienced staff.  We are available to help you in New Orleans or anywhere in Louisiana with a wide variety of criminal matters.